Sync existing Google Calendar events TO Coda

Hi, I love the Google Calendar pack to add and update events FROM Coda. But is it also possible to GET events from Google Calendar that do not yet exist in Coda? I have trouble finding a good tutorial.

Do you mean like this?

If yes, it’s part of one of their templates called Google Calendar + Coda

Hi Cesar, no thats not what I meant. I already have a table with meetings that I can push to Google Calendar. What I’m talking about, is loading events that were not made in Coda (but in google calendar itself), into Coda. Is that possible?

hey Freek. Actually the table I sent is fed with data from Google Calendar, it was not generated in Coda.
If you type /google calendar, you will see their pack. If you drag and drop the template that I mentioned previously (Google Calendar + Coda), it will generate a few subpages with different use cases and suggestions of how to use this pack. One of them, is a table with all your events of the current month from your Google Calendar (not generated in Coda).

Your comment made me double down on figuring it out, and I did!
Using a button and a formulaMap(), I was able to pull in a range of calendar items, and then use formulas with Json Parse to map the data from the input column to the others.

Oh ok! Now I get it. You wanted the data to come to the table not as a link to the calendar, but that all the info of the event would come as pure text. For that case I used to use Zapier, which works well. But Your way is more “native”, which is even better.

Nowadays I will only use the Calendar Pack.

Thanks Cezar, I really liked how it turned out. The part that was lacking proper documentation was the fact that the Events() output value contains a JSON string which can be broken into multiple columns. I’m not at a level yet in the community where I can mark something as a solution, but perhaps you can? In that case, feel free to add my previous comment as such.

If people wish, I can make a short video explaining how I did it.

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