Button to sync Google Calendar

Hi, I have a google calendar events table in my doc and it is set up to refresh hourly. However, since I also have the availability to update an event from coda (which is working fine), I would love to add a sync action to the “update event” button so I don’t have to wait an hour to see the changes (or press the refresh button at the top of the table, which I can’t do in the iPad coda app, for instance)

Is that possible? I was looking at some old posts and I see there is a “refresh” action I can configure in a button, however that didn’t work.

Any help would be appreciated!


Hello @Martin_Vilches!
Unfortunately, there isn’t an action that you could run with a button.

What you could do instead is create an intermediary table that will work like a user facing table.
This table could be fed by the Google Calendar table with the help of an automation.
To add or update events you could use the intermediary table where you fill all the information needed and with a button the event is added or modified. This way the updates are instantaneous

It is not ideal but is the only thing I came up with.

Hi, thanks! I’ll give it a try

Thanks for the help


Stay tuned! I’m working on a Coda to show how to do it!

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