Can I only use the Google Calendar Events table once per document?

I’m trying to bring 2 separate Google Calendars using the Google Calendar Pack into 1 Coda doc. Is this not possible? (see attached screenshot)

If not, is the solution to create 2 separate Coda docs each with a Google Calendar then have a 3rd doc that brings in data from both?

Hi @Christien_Louviere :blush: !

I think you can only have one Events table but you can sync it with multiple calendars and/or accounts :blush: .

If you hover with your mouse the region in your Events table where there is the Last synced 6 mins ago mention, a Edit should appear and you’ll be taken to the sync settings of the table where you should be able to add another calendar to sync by clicking on the button + Add another sync somewhere down below :blush: .

Or, you can click on the Options of your Events table find the Google Calendars Events menu which will open the sync settings of the table :blush: .

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