Google Calendar - Seeing all upcoming instances of a recurring event

Hi all,

When using the Google Calendar pack, I notice that a recurring event only shows the one upcoming instance. I’d like to see all upcoming instances of my recurring events in my Coda table so that I may plan ahead for these events as each one is slightly different. Is there any way to enable this functionality?

I searched on these forums, but didn’t find a relevant post.

Thank you for any help offered!

In my experience, I have seen recurring events show up in my Coda table for as many times as they occur. Times that it hasn’t, has been due to an issue with my Google Calendar or sync settings that I inadvertently set.

In your Google Calendar integration settings, make sure the “Date Range” (under sync)is wide enough to capture the multiple recurring events, and that the “Table limit” (under settings) is large enough!

Let me know if this helps.

This helped! I was using the “meeting notes” template, which I think has a formula buried within it that doesn’t allow for recurring meetings to repeat until after each event occurs. This is a huge help, and now I can finish creating my event planning setup. Thank you so much!

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