Can I get a row to display in multiple groups?

I’m looking to build a task manager with a weekly view that lists this week’s tasks under the each day of the week (Mon-Fri).

I’d like tasks that span multiple days to appear as an instance in each day, rather than only on a Start Date or End Date. The intention is that a task that’s scheduled for Mon-Wed would appear under Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.

I’d like to avoid having to create a new task for each day as this makes scheduling more labour intensive.

I’d also ideally like to retain the ability to drag tasks to different days.

What I’ve tried:

  1. Grouping tasks by Start Date within one view. With this method it appears impossible to have multi-day tasks appear in each day they occur on.

  2. Creating separate table views per day of the week and filtering by tasks that span that day. With this method I lose the ability to drag tasks between days as they are separate views.

  3. Calendar week view - limited options to display additional columns make this unsuitable for my application.

Any recommendations or similar examples would be much appreciated!

Hi @Tony_Elkington.
Welcome tho the Coda Community! :wave:

I’m not sure I fully understood what you are describing. I think this is close to your option 2:

I’d like to better understand what would be your intention when saying “to drag tasks between days”.
I’d expect that this is easier on a timeline view rather than a board, but maybe I’m misunderstanding.

Let me know if this helps.

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Thanks Federico!

This is a nice option, I hadn’t thought about having a timeline view below.

I guess I was originally imagining a Cards view with a group per weekday and my team members being able to move tasks between different days as they organise their week. But in practice I can see how this wouldn’t be ideal for tasks that span multiple days anyway.

Think I need to go back to the drawing board with this new suggestion and go a different route.

Thanks for your help!

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