How can I create a calendar-esque kanban view for tasks?

I’m trying to create a kanban board for tasks with one group per weekday. I want to be able to use it when planning my work for the upcoming week. The idea comes from Sunsama, an amazing product that unfortunately lacks a few important features.

I can’t figure out how to configure my table so that the date can be manipulated from the kanban board. I’ve created a scaled down version to highlight the challenge. Any input would be much appreciated!

Here’s a simplified version of my document:

Hi @Bjorn_Hansell :blush:

It’s simply because you’ve grouped your table using a field with a formula.

When you move rows in between groups (which is in fact what you’re trying to do here, the card view is just another way to display your table), the value for the field you used to group those rows by need to change too, so if it’s calculated (by using a formula), it can’t be changed, therefore, it doesn’t work.

What you can do though, is to use a select list or a lookup instead of the one you’re currently using to group those cards :blush:

I’ve copied your doc and created a very very very quick lookup so you could see that now, it works :wink: .

And in this sample, you’ll find an example using a simple select list and the second one is using a lookup :blush: .

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Thanks @Pch for the input. I’m considering to adapt my process to fit this. And adding a lookup to the weekday column revealed a new setting to me: “show empty groups”. That’s super helpful!

My problem with this solution is that sorting the kanban board by a “weekday column” that is separeted from the “planned date” leaves the “planned date” untouched when I move a card to a different day. Thereby, there will be a discrepancy between the kanban board and any calendar or Gantt view of my taks.

What I would like is to have them connected, so that when I move a card on the kanban, the date property follows. Any ideas on how to achieve that?

Hey, @Pch , I realized I might be able to use automation to sync the weekday, week number, and year to the date column. I’m wondering, is it possible to create two-way sync without creating a loop?

The end goal being a system where I can manipulate the timing for a task both through a calendar view and a kanban board, sorted by week day.

Bjorn, did you ever find a way to do this?

My dream would be a Kanban I could drag cards from the kanban, and drop onto a weekly calendar.

Hey Bjorn, chiming in here! I think you can, but you would want to stay on top of the syncs and updates sent back to the calendar.

You can use an automation for row changes (whenever an item is moved from weekday to weekday) to update that calendar event accordingly.

Does that help?
I would be curious if you have already beat us to this (since its been a while).

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