Is it possible to reflect Past Due Tasks in the Boards (Kan Ban) view?


I am curious if it is possible to reflect past due tasks in the board view? Currently the board view just shows number of tasks/completed tasks. I would like to be able to see if any past due tasks can also be shown on the same tile.

Could you share the doc you’re referring to, or perhaps a screen shot?

In general though, board view groups things kanban style based on a certain column (typically a “status” or “stage” column, usually a Select column type).

If you’d like to reflect further info beyond status/stage in a visual way, I’d recommend Conditional Formatting. You could have Coda automatically colour-code items in the kanban based on their dates

Hey Nick,

I formatted the dates to highlight in the column section, but it ended up highlighting every date that was in the past, even if it was marked completed.

When I did do the date formatting, it did not show on the Kanban board.

I am curious if there is a formatting type to show past due tasks next to the total tasks and completed tasks that already show in the Cards (kanban)