Can filters be added to columns on kanban boards?

I’m using a kanban board as a to-do list for work. I’m keeping it pretty bare-bones right now - each card only has a Name, a Due Date, and a Status, and my columns are organized by Status (Backlog, In Progress, Done). As you can imagine, my Done column is already looking very full and cluttered. I’d like to create a filter that hides cards that are more than x number of days old - is this possible?

Or, if not possible that way, I can create a new column for ‘Archive’ and hide it but I’d love to automate moving cards from Done to Archive if possible.

Hello Hannah,
You can apply a filter just like you would filter any other table, something like:
status="done" AND today()-due_date>30
to not show any tasks that were finished more than 30 days ago.
You can make a separate view called something like Archive where you filter the opposite:
task!="done" OR (task=done AND today()-due_date <=30)
If you need more help you best share a sample document in which we can show you what to do.
Greetings, Joost

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