Can you hide empty (filtered) rows?

I have a to-do list in a table format. I have the tasks grouped by due date on the left. I have everything with a status of “Completed” filtered out.

After a couple weeks this has created a list days with empty rows. Does anyone how I would be able to hide rows that have nothing to display?

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Just put a filter on your date column as well.



Thanks for the suggestion! So the only filter available related to date is “Due Date” which doesn’t completely solve my needs as I’d need to see all incomplete tasks regardless of due date (for example if something is overdue).

In digging around some more I was able to figure out what was happening. Those empty rows were displaying because they were “pinned”. No idea how this happened as I don’t recall pinning those groups of dates (screenshot below).

I would suggest that Coda not nest the only (AFAIK) control of that function so deep Options > Group > Group options and surface/display it on each pinned row (i.e a little pinned icon that can be clicked to remove it).


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