How can I make only rows with a certain column that matches conditions appear, hiding the rest

I’m using the Team Projects and Tasks template and have added a control and filter to show only tasks due today, in the next 3 days, all unscheduled tasks, etc. That much works. But because the Project column is added manually, even those rows with no tasks that match my criteria show in the table with the Task column blank and the Task count value of 0.

This is what my filter looks like. (And if you have suggestions for cleaning it up, please share).

if(View.Contains(“All Tasks”),thisRow.Task.IsNotBlank(),If(View.Contains(“All Unscheduled Tasks”), thisRow.[Due Date].IsBlank(), thisRow.Status.Contains(“Blocked”,“In Progress”,“Not Started”) AND if(View.isblank(),true(),thisRow.[Due Date]< Today() + Switch(View,“Today’s Tasks”,1,“Next 3 Days”,3,“Next 7 Days”,7,9999))))

I tried adding a check for Task.Count()>0. But that didn’t work. The blank rows continue to show. :frowning:

Dear @David_Eaton,

When you share a dummy of your doc, it would be much more easy someone from the community to support you.

Some material what might be of your interest:

This is a link to a sample doc which should demonstrate the issue. Try changing from “All Tasks” to “All Unscheduled Tasks”.

Thanks, @Jean_Pierre_Traets.

And suddenly it’s working like I wanted it to. But not always.

Dear @David_Eaton,

Glad that you got it working.
I have to admit, formulas is not my strongest point.
In the select menu you combined two column’s in one formula, what should be totally fine of course, but so far I have always been working with one select menu/column.

Maybe there is some friction in the formula, that causes the inconsistency.
You can of course always write to and share your doc with them for advise/review.

Thanks, @Jean_Pierre_Traets. I’ll send this over to support, as you suggested.

I appreciate your feedback.