How can this be connected?

Hi !

I only did one project at a time.:

I need when I select multiple projects to be able to select tasks for ALL of these projects.

How can this be done?

Thank you very much!

Hi @11177 ,

you need to append ListCombine() to List in the List column, as the resulting list has to be flattened first.


Hi @M_Schneider !

Thank you so much for your response!

I did, it seems to work:

But there is an error:

I guess the formula has to be written differently.
Can you give me a hint?


And items are displayed as a list (comma separated), not in a circle. Can they be displayed in the same way as projects?


Hi @11177 ,

your syntax is incorrect here, as you’re passing both the filtered table and the whole column as an argument. Use either

 Task.Filter(ProjectTask.Contains(thisTable.Filter(RecordType="Week" ).List1.ListCombine()  ) ).Tasks


 Task.Filter(ProjectTask.Contains(ListCombine(thisTable.Filter(RecordType="Week" ).List1)  ) ).Tasks
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Thats because you specified the tasks names as selectable items, remove the appended “.Tasks” from your formula and the rows itself become selectable.

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@M_Schneider :clap: :+1: :muscle: Thank you so much for responding!
It all worked out - everything works as it should!


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