Lookup that filters options based on column in ThisRow not working

I have three tables: Projects, Tasks and Weekly Goals

I group my tasks by project and then when i am planning my weekly goals I am thinking through them by project. Therefore, I have been logging tasks all week by project. When I then plan my week, I want to be able to only select tasks in a lookup/relation that correspond to the project that I select in the weekly goal I feel like this is a pretty simple use case shared in the attached doc:: Filtering Select Lists | Coda Help Center

I cannot get this to work. It shows all of the tasks in the tasks table instead of the tasks that have the same project as defined in the Weekly table

My formula for the Tasks field in the Weekly Goals table is: Tasks.Filter(thisRow.Projects=Tasks.Projects).Name


Does anyone have any suggestions? This one should be simple

Hi, I believe if your Project’s column in the Weekly Goals table is connected to the Project’s table with a relationship (not formula) then you can “Add Related Column” from the Project’s table of columns, which would be the Task column. See menu options below.


Below, I show the formula way in Column 4…Note that in the Project column of my Weekly Goals table, I can have more than one project per goal. So when I am matching projects in the Weekly Goals table to the projects in the Task table, I need use the formula “contain” instead of “=”.

Hope this helps.

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