Dependency Column

Hello fellow Coda users,

Hoping to brainstorm this formula with the rest of you…

Currently im stuck at the following:

I have a “select list” dependency column going that filters selectable options based on the following criteria:

Table view formula (this generates a filtered view of tasks based on the selected project):

thisRow.[Main Project].[Grant Project Title]=[Project picker test]

Dependency column formula (this ensures none of the options are the same row)

[Project View of All Tasks].Filter(Task!=thisRow.Task)

  1. the “project” column matches a “current project view” dropdown
  2. the option does not equal the current row task

So this has been working great while im working in the table view but not so much when im going back to the main data table as the selectable options are still filtered against the selected “current project view”. Or in my data entry page that i set up to enter data on the fly.

So im looking to write a “select list” formula that follows the below logic:

  1. Filters options based on the project selected in the “project column” (i.e. “project” must be selected prior to selecting a dependency)
  2. Options do not match the current row task

Im thinking it would be similar to the above formulas but cant seem to crack it at the moment…

Do you have a demo version of the document you can share? What you are describing sounds doable, but I am not sure I understand all the specifics.