Help filtering using a select control

I have a Projects table that contains a [Project ID] text column that is the display column.

I have an Equipment table that contains an [Item ID] text column that is the display column.

I have a Project Items table that contains a [Project ID] lookup column referencing my Projects table, an [Item ID selectable] lookup column that is the display column referencing my Equipment table, and an [Item ID] text column with the formula thisRow.[Item ID selectable].[Item ID] .

I also have a select control called SelectProject for which the selectable option is my Projects table, the output being a select list of the Project IDs.

I want to be able to filter my Equipment table based on my select control.

I was able to filter my Project Items table based on the select control with the formula thisRow.[Project ID]=SelectProject.

Now I’m trying to figure out what formula to use to filter my Equipment table so that it displays the same Item IDs from the filtered Project Items table.

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Should be something like this:

[Item ID].In([Project Items].Filter([Project ID]=SelectProject).[Item ID])

Just make sure the data types match when you use lookups and selectables (should be either rows or Text).


Hi @Andreea_Cri,

If you create a mock Coda doc with a minimalist example of what you are trying to do, and share that with the community, it is the easiest way to help you. It would probably be quicker than typing out that paragraph above :wink:

Also, I’ve found that when creating these mock Coda docs, I often solve my own problem and never need to post them! But either way, a good exercise.



Hi Dalmo and Lloyd,

Thank you both for your replies. I want to vote both as solution, but I’m not allowed to have 2 solutions :slight_smile:

I first tried Dalmo’s formula and couldn’t get it to work no matter how I adjusted it… Then I tried Lloyd’s suggestion and tried Dalmo’s formula again in the mock-up. I was able to find what adjustment I needed to make.

Thank you both!


Hi @Andreea_Cri ,

@Dalmo_Mendonca definitely did the hard work in posting the formula for you. No hard feelings in marking that as the solution :slight_smile:

Glad you got it figured out.