How to filter column based on another tables value?


I’m quite new to CODA and trying to understand the filter formula.

Right now I"m setting up a Project Framework, I have one table where the user can select what project they are working on. When they select that option another table will apply a filter with that option. Because this document is for work I can’t share it, but hopefully my attempt at the formula will help give a better picture:

if([Select Program].[Select Program]=“Consent Management”,thisTable.Filter(Row=“Consent Management”),"" )


So, you have 4 tables:

  • Users table
  • Projects table
  • Selected project table
  • Project items table

Selected project table has two columns (User, Project) and one row.
Project items table has many columns of which two are User and Project, and many rows.

In Project items table you need to set a custom filter formula like this:

User = [Selected project table].[User] AND Project = [Selected project table].[Project]

You don’t need to write “if(…)” in filter formula as that is already assumed.

It is important that you [User] column in both Selected project table and Project items table is a Lookup from Users table. Same with Projects table.

Does this help?

I think this might help, but I’m not sure a user table is needed, only because I want this to be a template that my team can use when setting up a new program or project. So users are not assigned to the table at all. Not sure if that’s an issue.

I would imagine that I can take a value of a row from one table, that value becomes the filter value.