Lookup for filter?


Dear all,
apologies for the basic question. I can’t seem to work out the following. Any help would be great appreciated.

In my illustration above I have marked in Red what I would like to achieve. I’m not sure how to go about writing the formula to achieve this.

I’ve described in words below what I’m trying to make.

I would like to populate the “Server Cost” row with cost data from the “Cost” column and row IF the “Item” Column & row contains “Server”

Let me know if this is unclear or if anyone has advice.



A simple “IF” statement in each column should work fine. Just add the following as formulas for the columns.

Storage Cost

Server Cost

Service Cost

If this is to sum or use this data in different ways, Coda can filter and calculate quite a bit without needing to add extra columns.

As an example, enter this equation into the canvas (anywhere in the document empty space, just type “=”) and it will sum all your Server costs.

[Table 2].Filter(Item="Server").Cost.Sum()


Thanks very much for this. Solve my problem.
Sorry for my slow response.


No worries. I’m glad it worked for you!