Why is looking things up so complicated?

Generally I’ve found Coda to be extremely intuitive… except when it comes to lookups.

I am used to Vlookup - it’s simple, specify the value you’re searching for, the table to search and the column from that table to return. But for the life of me I can neither get Lookup nor FormulaMap to work this way. Perhaps I’m misinterpreting the help text but I find it impossible to get things to easily work.

Is there a trick I am missing?

The syntax is (for filter):
[the table to search].filter(filter expression).[value to return]
The filter expression may vary depending on what you are looking for but usually it’s something like [the column to search in = the value to search for].
The filter formula (without the [value to return] part) returns a list of rows. The [value to return] specifies what to do with the data, eg. - get specific column, sum, etc.
If you want more specific help for your need, please embed an example doc here so we can see what you are looking for.

See also Here

I added a few ways to do it and also a common issue that causes problems here. Let me know if it helps.


Thanks @mallika that document has helped, I made a copy and digging in to the formulae has made things a bit clearer. I think lookup is clearer to use than filter, for even with Asaf’s suggestion I was still confused.