Traditional Vlookup in Coda

Hi team,

I’m looking to implement the conventional VLookup (from MS EXCEL) into Coda and haven’t been successful. My Problem statement is as below:

Table 1 has 2 columns EmployeeID, Manager
Table 2 has multiple columns and EmployeeID is one of them. I want to add a column to this table and populate the Manager using the formula.

I have tried solutions at Pulling Data from another Table and Lookup from other table - #4 by Daniel_Stieber but it doesn’t work for me my list contains 1000+ rows and manually selecting the values from dropdown and then pull data is a strenuous task. Looking for a quick response to finish my POC due this Wed morning

Hey @Aachal_Garg ,

Please share a dummy doc reassembling your doc and I am sure we can help you out.

There are at least 2 ways to go about this: lookup() or filter().

Greetings, Joost

Hey Joost, thanks for your response. I was able to perform vlookup using the above mentioned threads.