Coda's equivalent to Excel's Vlookup


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I am coming from Excel and searched for a possibility to Link to tables like Vlookup in Excel. I got a create answer from Betty Huang [] and think it is worth to share!

The sample task is a ToDo list for team members from different companies.
Step One - Create a table with company names. You will use this when assigning companies to employees through the People lookup table.
Step Two - Create a table with employees, and the companies they work for. You can format the Person column as “People” if you want it to be associated with their gmail accounts, or just as “Text” if a simple name is fine. You can format the Company column as “Lookup from Table” to pull data from the Companies table created in step one.
Step Three - Create a task list, formatting the assignee column as “Lookup from table,” so you can use the data from the People table created in step two. If you want to view the company the assignee works for, set the formula of the third column to be =Assignee.Company.
This was so easy and I love more and more.
Here is also a link to the shown project:


Pull Data from Two Tables in a Single View/Table?

Thanks for posting @Thomas_Hebes! Lookup from Table is definitely one of the more powerful features in Coda that gives you similar functionality as VLOOKUP and then some!

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Seriously thank you! This is the example I was looking for. I was racking my head trying to get the lookup formula to work following the Lookup guide but this solution was so easy I just laughed after it just worked. Going to take a little bit to retrain my brain away from thinking the vlookup format is the “easy” way.

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