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I have one table called “Kartela” that has to the “Kartela_ID and assigned TOD (Time of Delivery)
In the second table called Örders ALL” .

Please could you advise how to write the lookup formula to call the TOD that is connected to the “Kartela_ID”?

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Hey @Jean_Pierre_Traets

EDIT: it even works with, and coda automatically refers it to the current row


i think it should be enough to just insert:


Because if your column “Kartela_ID” in “Orders ALL” is a “Lookup from Table” than it selects the whole row (and shows the selected display column), and you can just reference to any other column of the table with thisRow.Kartela_ID.COLUMN_NAME

You can also do it with a lookup, but in your case it is more complicated and shouldn’t be necessary :-1:t4::

=Kartela.lookup(Kartela_ID, thisRow.Kartela_ID.toText()).TOD

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Dear Daniel,

You made my day :smiley:, your first suggestion worked out well :+1::+1::+1:

Important is to mention to other users to benefit from this advise it to change the format to text to get the proper result.


Yes, I always struggle with this one until I remember what I forgot. Whenever you want to use the value from a select, multiple select or lookup from table in an if, filter or lookup, you need to format it to text, otherwise you just have the selected „object“, not the string.


Hi @Jean_Pierre_Traets,

I had a similar question and searched for something like VLOOKUP from Excel and got this create answer from Betty:
Step One - Create a table with e.g company names. You will use this when assigning companies to employees through the People lookup table.
Step Two - Create a table with e.g. employees, and the companies they work for.You can format the Company column as “Lookup from Table” to pull data from the Companies table created in step one.
Step Three - Create a task list, formatting the assignee column as “Lookup from table,” so you can use the data from the People table created in step two. If you want to view the company the assignee works for, set the formula of the third column to be =Assignee.Company.
So I guess this would be also a easy solution for you.


@Thomas_Hebes, Thanks for your input :bulb:, lucky enough I managed over time to learn this method myself.

Keep enjoying Coda, the Sky :rocket: is even not the limit :grinning:


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