V lookup for text in coda

I have a vlookup in sheets that works really well but I am having trouble copying the function in coda. I Want to search each row of a large data set for a given Text. Switchif was suggested by coda support but that cant handle more that 80 items in the list and now it crashes, “example below”, support had no other ideas for this scenario. In google sheets I simply vlook up a list on a separate page and I get a row return of true or false. I am having trouble trying to replicate this on coda, it has to be simple as the vlookup list is more than 500 rows. Also need to look for xx or xxX in text, containstext() wont do that nor will anything I have tried so far. Thanks.


Have you tried find()?

I am not at a computer at the moment, but you can search the gallery for my doc formula reference manual.
I do a comparative explanation of find(), all(), contains() etc in there.

Hopefully that helps.


It’s always good to share the doc, or an annual copy. It could be that filter() is also an option, but I do not know enough about your data structure.

Thanks, I had a look, but I think I need to look up a list first like vlookup does. Because of the number of references I cant have that many options in the formula. I think I have to use foreach() but I was hoping someone had an example of a vlookup in text.

If you share a anonymised example of what you’re trying to do, it would make it much easier for the community to assist you.

Look up list in Table 4 would be the vlookup

Hi @Carpentryplex_site,

Next time, please do us a favor and share your document instead of a screenshot. It will then be much easier for us to help you. Here is a guide on How to share a doc with the Coda Community.

I created a demo doc with two columns for you. I didn’t know which solution you were looking for, so please decide which of the two is right for you.

Version 1:
The ​​column “Checks all values” takes all values (from all 3 rows) ​​in the column “Look up list” in Table 4 and checks whether it contains the given value.

Version 2:
The column “Checks only values from relation” uses only the values ​​from the cell connected via the relation and checks whether it contains the given value.

I hope that helps you.
Please let me or Piet know if you have any more questions.


Thanks, but no, that’s not it, I didn’t explain it correctly, I have updated and shared the table.
I think the best sequence might be, For each row in Table 01.Description, filter, Table4.look up list and if true then = unique name.

Hi could you have another look at this, I added a column with my best guess on how to do this but I am still not getting the desired result.