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Hello Coda Community! I’m trying to adjust from using Vlookups in excel to the formulas in Coda. I’m trying to accomplish something similar but can’t for the life of me get the Lookup formula to work. Here’s what I’m trying to do:

  1. Solution and Complexity live on this table:

  2. I need to pull the “complexity” for the Solution type into my summary table by referencing the Solution column, looking for that solution in the master data table and pulling the complexity score into column “S1 Score” column. And then be able to “drag” that formula down so that it will function just like a vlookup and find the solution in the master table and pull the complexity for each.

Can anyone help? Thanks!!

Hi Jennifer!

Could you copy in the formula you are using for the S1 Score column?

hi @Jennifer_Malave ,

what about trying this:

[Solution 1].[Complexity Score]

this is chaining and will work (maybe check the spelling)

cheers, Christiaan

Hi Samuel - I’m sure this is absolutely butchered. and not sure it will make sense since I’m just winging it based on my brain wanting it to function like a vlookup

I there more to the formula? I’m a newb when it comes to the Coda formulas in general :frowning:

did you try what I suggested?
a formula won’t work in this context
it is about chaining related values

I think I got it…I tried at first and I think i was confused. Thank you!!!


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yep, you did.
when you reference a relation, you chain, that is the rule

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