Sum filtered from another table

Hello community,

I am basically trying to filter a list. This seems easy but i’m clearly missing a point somewhere.

I have a table of orders referencing a client and listing a price for the order.
I have a table of clients where I want to have the total of all orders per clients and the number of orders per clients.
And there is something wrong with my filter formula for the total per client.
My count formula is working though. So I thought I understood the syntax…

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Dear @Eric_Munier,

The syntax is as below, the first to count the orders and the second the total amount of the orders



The way Coda works is:

Look in the table [orders] filter the (Client=thisRow) and then in case of:

the order; count how many orders there have been made.

the price, give the sum for all amounts under “Price”


so simple.
Thanks so much @Jean_Pierre_Traets