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I can’t figure out how to fill my (sub)total colum in a table. When I group and summarize on items, I can see the result that I am looking for, like 18 hammers. But I would like to get that number in the total column, so that in both PO rows the number 18 would show up.
Anyone any idea? Sample doc:

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HI Joost.

Are you looking for something like the below?

There is an example in the page Mathematics Formulas in Tables in my examples doc:

I thought about this one.


cheers, Christiaan


Hello @Piet_Strydom ,
Thank you for your reply. Your samples are a bit different from what I need, bus inspiring nevertheless.

Good morning @Christiaan_Huizer ,
Thanks - I am wondering why I didn’t get this to work, but that is exactly what I need. I think I used match and ‘=’, now that I have a working sample I will try all the variations and better my understanding of Coda a bit more.

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hi Joost, the moment you see that searching through a column means running through a list of items in that column you work best with a Contains() variation in your filter and you are set.

cheers! Christiaan

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