Sum columns that match the person on the row


I have this table and I have a column with all the balances (Saldo)… y need to sum up all of the that belong to this row (in this case name/nombre: Carlos)

Can someone help me.



Please have a loook at the doc below:

On the page Mathematics Formulas in Tables you will find a model. (Just replace .Max() in the formula with .sum().


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Thank you Piet for helping me.

Sorry I could not find exactly where the mathematics formula is.

Thanks again,

Hi ,

If you click on the doc above, it should open on the page “Mathematics formulas in tables”, as per the below screenshot:

This is to do the formula on the canvas.

And the screen shot below is to do the formula in the table itself.

Rambling Pete

Hi Pete, sorry but If I click on it yes I can see it, but If I copy the doc it disappears right?


In the top left of your screenshot, there is a search box. Use that to find the page.


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