Summary table with formulas and sum in each cell

Hi everyone,

Sorry if this topic has already been addressed but I didn’t find any answer to my issue.
I have 2 different tables with numbers. I want to create a third table where I get the sum of the column of table 1 in one cell and the sum of the column of table 2 in another cell.

I have made an example here: Test

I have one table fruit and one table Vegetable and I want to have a total table where I display the sum of fruits on one line and the sum of vegetables on another.

My problem is when I create a formula, it applies to the column and all cells in the column get the same value.
Is it possible to differentiate the formula inside one column?

Thank you for your help

Hello @Vincent_Quere!
I recommend making a little change is schema but I leave a Coda with 2 ways of doing this:


@Saul_Garcia Many thanks for your reply! It worked!