How can I make a sum of another table in a cell?

I have 2 tables

  • sales_overview
  • sales_category

Now: I want to have a sum of all sales planning from sales_overview per category as a sum in sales_category.
How can I do that?

=[tablename].sales_overview.filter(depends on your categories).sum()

would be super helpful when you just post a picture

ok, thanks - let me check

Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-26 um 14.55.26.png

I want to have the sum of all Betrag (Amount) where the Soll (Category) is the same as in this line

btw: this formula above does not work :slight_smile:

Betrag= Amount

Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-26 um 14.56.23.png


Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-26 um 14.57.01.png

could u give me access to the sheet?

unfortunately not, it includes all details from our books of the company :wink:

Hi Alex, just made a new doc and shared with you

Idea: want to have the current sum for each category A, B, C either in the detail or in the overview table
thanks for your support.


Hi Thomas,

I did not get an invite, so i ll try to do it from “the distance”.

From what I gathered from your information, your formula will look like this:


[table header].Filter(row to filter=thisRow.column in this table where the category name is).colum where you want the sum from.sum()

hope that helps :wink: I also adapted one of my tables slightly to give an example

Thanks for that, the formula works within the same table, I used
[2017].Filter(Soll=thisRow.Soll).Betrag.sum()-[2017].Filter(Haben=thisRow.Soll).Betrag.sum() as I need the +/- of the 2 colums

But: connecting with another table, this formula does not work:

the editor always deletes the thisRow.Bezeichnung to Bezeichnung

How does the colum Soll Saldo needs to be formatted?

by now I have, or do I need to have a lookup to my details table?

Bildschirmfoto 2018-05-28 um 20.19.24.png

Grützi Thomas,

does it change the expression thisRow.Bezeichnung to Bezeichnung when you press enter, or while you are still entering the formula?

With my table, I can’t reproduce what you are describing. The part “thisRow.Bezeichnung” is not suggested when entering the formula, but after pressing enter it works for me…

The formatting is “text” for “Bezeichnung” (which is also the display column, same as for you) and Soll is formated as currency.

If you want to, I can give you access to the example I posted above