Sum of one Column into a table cell of another?

Dear all,

Apologies for yet another question.
I have the following table

I would like to pull the total of each column and have those totals listed in another table like the example below.

Is there a way to achieve this?



Yes, this is achievable. What is the primary/display column on your first table?

Hi Joseph_B,
Thanks for your reply.

The Primary Column on my first table is called Campaign.
I’ve captured the table and hidden other columns and had to change a few column names. I think this better illustrates what I’m trying to achieve.

Dear @Sean_Wood2

I reproduced your tables in a light form to show the method.
For the formula I used spaces to get it visual more structured that should support the readability.

Feel free to come back in case more support is required. I learned this also with the support of other community members and the Coda staff. :bulb:

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Dear JP,

I had no idea you could stack the formulas like this using +
This is EXTREMELY helpful.

Thank you very much. Learned a lot and solved my issue.



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