Collate table.column.sum() results in new table

I have numerous tables that I need to sum and then collate onto a new table. Each table has slightly different columns so I can’t bunch them all into one table.
Is there a way of using a formula column to pull info from more than one table? each row would need a different formula.


i think you will need to show us a screenshot or a sample doc or a pencil-sketch to explain what you are hoping to do.

when you say ‘each row needs a different formula’ you raise an issue as ALL rows in a table use the SAME set of formulas. but a sketch or screenshot will help us understand your intent and we can support you better


Hi @Xyzor_Max ,

I’ve created a sample doc:

I need the summarised total columns to be added to the collation table. I presume it would need different formulas to pull the info into the table?

You would want to turn Table 1 and Table 2 into a single table that’s filtered.

Then you can easily sum.

There’s really no way to merge two separate tables

Hi Connor,
Thanks for replying.
Yes, I thought that might be the only option, unfortunately thats also the most difficult without reordering the whole doc. I was hoping there might be an alternative.

I could still use separate tables and create an "add row’ button and collate them all to one table that way I guess?

You could, and then once you have all of them in one large table you can treat that as the main table and make everything else a view of it!

In the long term you’ll greatly appreciate having one source for all your data.

The general formula for copying over the data will be a button with this formula:

MyTable.FormulaMap(MainTable.AddRow(ColumnName, CurrentValue.ColumnName, ...))

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