Labor Tracking - Sum (If)

I have a table with 3 people (A, B, C)

Each one logs there hours and the address they worked at, at the end of each day.

How do I get the sum of each one, so it states (A current hours = x hours, and so forth)

Hi Erik,

Welcome back! Long time no see.

There is a page in this documents called Mathematics Formulas in Tables that should be able to help you. Just replace the “average” function with “sum”.

This will give you the info in a column in your table. The page Inline Reporting by Filtering a Table also gives guidance on how to include that information in a report on the canvas.

Hello @erik_andersson ,

What Piet says is correct (I read it kind of quick), but you can also try to play with grouping - that is really easy. If you want more help, please build and share a simple dummy document and the answers will probably pour in - in a hurry.


Here is dummy document, this might make more sense.