How to sum a staff worked days?


Something I cannot wrap my head around, I don’t get what is the problem.

I have a table with names and data

  • I have a table with dates when the staff will be working and a calculated duration

In the third table I want to calculate the worked days for each staff. But for some reason the result is always zero.

Here I did the dummy of my table to understand it better.

hi @Tamas_Mahner , a fast way of doing this is like below

you add your filter to the first table and chain in the second table.

cheers, Christiaan

Not working in my case. I think the problem is that I don’t type the name, but I refer to it and then the Filter does not find it.

this works @Tamas_Mahner , see below

but maybe this is not what you want.

In order to understand. Can you tell me why 0 is the result for me at the “Worked days” column? I can’t understand it. My only guess is that “Names” what I use for Filter formula are not text but lookup and it doesn’t find it… I don’t get it. :frowning:

since the lookup value is already present in the last table, you cannot find additional information via a filter, for this we have chaining. That is to say that you can, but then you have to force Coda by flattening out the info via text. This is not how you should do it :wink:


Do you have maybe some resources which is explaining the “chaining”? :slight_smile: I think this part is missing to get this thing done. :slight_smile:
For some reason what you showed last time: Name.theSum is not working for me. This is maybe becuase in my more complex table I am getting “Name” from a different table.

in this blog I applied chaining, maybe it helps to understand the logic a bit better:


Thank you so much! I think I have solved it! :slight_smile:

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