Please help with formula - sum with a data range filter

Hi everyone!

I have a Timesheet table filtered by a canvas control called “date range”. I’m trying to have a sum of total billable hours calculated for that date range, but the filtering doesn’t work, and I keep getting a total sum from the whole table. Can someone tell me how to correct my formula?

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hi @Nika_Vodvud ,

welcome to the coda community with an interesting question I guess may others are interested in as well. You selected a data range, thus a list of numbers and you want to have the values between the first and the last number.

That is what we do (but you have to format the the column Date as a date column to make it work.

Timesheet.Filter(Date >= [date range].First() and Date <= [date range].Last()).[Billable hrs].Sum()

Let me know if this works for you, cheers, Christiaan


Thank you so much for the explanation @Christiaan_Huizer, it works! :yellow_heart:

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