Countif Sum Date Range

Hey guys!

I was wondering if you could help me with a formula. I am creating a project management system, and I’d like to have a task status page of the total tasks created in the last week, and total tasks completed in the last week. Then I’d like to compare it to the weeks before that. I created a “Totals” page to calculate the date ranges for the last week, and weeks before that. Once I get the table straight, I’m going to turn it into a bar graph. But I can’t figure out how to create a filter that creates those calculations. Help, and thanks in advance!

Here’s my document:

Hi @Wesley_D , if you open the doc for all of us, we can have a look.
best, christiaan

Oops. My bad! Project Management Sandbxx

@Wesley_D I added some feedback in the document. I hope it helps.

In the doc I also added a count() function Tasks.Filter(Status="Complete").Count() To show that you set the count after the filter. The filter goes like:

TableName. Filter (- what you want to filter - ).count()

best, christiaan