How can filter table with Date?

Hi, I have a table called task where all the information is stored and in another table I count the number of tags entered in this table.
I can use the formula I wrote to filter the task table by date, but my question is how to filter the total task table when the date is filtered?

Hi @amin_jebeli,

you have 2 ways:

  1. [recommended] Create a View of Tasks - such as Date Filtered Tasks - where you apply the date filter. then you use the View to apply the formula for the occurrences:
    [Date Filtered Tasks].Filter(tag.Contains(thisRow)).Count() ->It will be automatically filtered according to the date selection filter
  2. You explicitly add the same filter as the main table Tasks:
    Task.Filter(tag.Contains(thisRow) && ([start date].Matches([date-test]) or [end date].Matches([date-test]))).Count()

I hope this helps.

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Thank you.