Create a table filter to only show rows with a date within 7 days

Hi there,

i would like to create filter on a table that only shows the rows where the column status is ‘complete’ and the date completed is within 7 days of today.

Is this best done as a filter or columns formula?

What I do is make three columns: Status, Date Completed, and Mark as Complete Button.

The buttons modifies the current row and sets Status to Complete, and Date Completed to today(). Then, just add the filter for Date Completed to the filter bar.

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hi @Andy_Farquharson , I believe that @Samuel_Langford gave a good and practical solution

the last seven days can be written as a true / false statement:

however, my idea is that the solution @Samuel_Langford offered may be the best way forward.

cheers, christiaan

Thanks for the feedback.

The challenge i have is that I would like to view the data within the cards/kanban format and this level of filtering doesn’t seem available.

Any ideas on how to address that?

Yes you can filter table with formule directly.
Personally, I prefer to do it as a formula directly in the filter.

statut == “complete” && date >= Today() && date <= Today() + 7

I tried that formula but had the issue that it filtered the whole table rather than those with the status “completed”

Here is the formula;

=thisRow.Status=“completed”&& thisRow.[Date completed] >= Today() && thisRow.[Date completed] <= Today() + 7

Any suggestions on how to improve it?

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