Formating the date column to show past 7 days

Hi everyone,

I need to figure out how can I format a table based on the date column to show only the past 7 days of entries.

Note: the table will be used everyday for new entries and will go on, however due to information I need to have only the data for the past 7 days.

Sub question: If you know how to do the above, then how can I view the hidden data without removing the conditional formatting or formula or a third option?

The date column is also grouped on the left.

Thank you,

Hey @Goran_Vasilevski ,

apply a filter like this: [date] >= today-7 (or 6, depending on whether you including today in the 7 days)

Looking at the hidden data can be done:

  1. make a view of the same table and remove the filter (and place the table on another page if you so desire)
  2. put a named checkbox on the canvas, call it something like 'ShowAll" and append your filtter formula: if (ShowAll,true(),[date] >= today-7)

If you can’ t make it work, create and share a dummy doc that resembles what you are trying to do and share it so we can show in your doc how can be done.


Thanks @joost_mineur

I don’t know why I got so into the formulas and conditional format and forgot about the simplest thing like filtering :slight_smile:

Well, I understand - it takes a lot of time before these concepts become natural instinct.

Keep on (non)coding,

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