Possible to filter list of dates in a field?

I have a text field that is a running list of dates and times…see screenshot.
Is there a way I could create a filter that would, for instance, filter out just those records with dates in the last three or five or seven days?
So in the screenshot, a 7-day filter would show B and C, a 5-day filter would show just B and a 3-day filter would show none of these rows?
Many thanks!

Hey @Gregg_Stebben,

Without seeing a test doc its hard to make some recommendations, but I would first try adding a new column that is a date column, and then formulaically look to the current column and pull in the dates in that date column, then you should be able to set a filter on the dates, once it’s set. The other option would be to force the date format with the todate() formula at the end of the current column.

Dunno if that will help, but it’s worth a shot!


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Hi, Dan…your idea was perfect THANK YOU!) but the execution was a bit over my head. What I did instead was create a column with a check box for Day 1, Day 2, etc and then created a formula in each column to filter out all other days, finally adding each day to the Filter Bar. I know that’s not elegant, but it works quite nicely and is a perfect fix for me. Thank you again!

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