Filtering rows between dates

OK I thought this was something simple, but turns out not to be. I have a table that has a date column. For ease of finding stuff, I want to see only records between two exact dates. So I created a new view and in the filter, I entered Date is after XXX date and before YYY date. The problem is, it doesn’t seem to understand the second rule (before YYY date). I end up with a all the records after XXX date. How do I see only the rows between two dates?

Given the columns “First Date” and “Second Date” are Date fields, try

and(thisRow.[First Date]>=todate("1/1/2018"), thisRow.[Second Date]<=todate("2/1/2019"))

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@Lynette with the new structured builder you should be able to do this relatively easily ( and also see how the formula is written)

Let me know what you think!