Display All Entries for next X Days

Does anyone know the formula for displaying ALL the entries for a set of dates (I was trying for everything in the next week). I tried:

=[Chart].Filter(DateScheduled= (Today() + 7))

but that only returned the entry that was schedule 7 days from now, and not everything in between. I suppose there’s probably an easy way to do this but I can’t figure it out!


Try using the WeekNumber() formula:

Chart.Filter(WeekNumber(DateScheduled) = WeekNumber(Today() + 7))

I add a column to my tables that takes the WeekNumber from any date I’m working with. Then it’s easier to reference in formulas for things like this. If you created a column named “[Week of]” that was the week number of whatever date you were using, then you could reference it like this:

Chart.Filter(DateScheduled.WeekNumber() = thisRow.[Week of])


Hello Benn,

Also, if you just want the next 7 days as opposed to the set that is related to the next week ahead, you can do the following:

=[Chart].Filter(DateScheduled<= (Today() + 7) AND DateScheduled>Today())

or, including today:

=[Chart].Filter(DateScheduled<= (Today() + 7) AND DateScheduled>=Today())


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Hey benn - they way that I set this up is actually using a control - the date range picker.

If you set up the picker and then in the filter for the table just do [the column].matches(daterangepicker1) and it should work easy as pie :slight_smile: then you can also adjust it if you want to go back in time or look a month or really anything!

Let me know if this makes sense or works for what you’re looking for!