Date Range Control for future dates

I was playing around with the Date Range control. Is there a way to make more or different default date ranges available to choose from? I’m trying to narrow down a scheduler and was looking for a ‘Next Week’ / ‘Next month’ / Next 90 days / etc.

I can manually select the date range but it would be great to have a couple future dynamic options.


Hey Nick, thanks for the feedback! Our Date Range control has some popular pre-canned ranges, but I can see how those may not be enough. We can think about adding some more options, but at the same time we don’t want to make it overwhemling with too many choices.

One suggestion I can make for now is to add your own table of options and then add a Select control that references that table with a formula. Here’s what that can look like:

You can add as many options as you need by using Start Offset and End Offset columns that contain how many days from today each option should have (negative numbers would work as previous days).


Very clever! Thanks so much.

We must add some formula in Filter of the table, that will use control “date” instead of “name”.
But what is the formula?