Filtering a table using a date range control

A simple example of how to filter a table using a date range control


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I was going to use that yesterday in this post: Sort table based on TODAYs date

There were no future-oriented rolling (as opposed to fixed) options though, so I created a numeric slider instead.

You guys might consider adding future-oriented rolling time blocks to the options, eg:

  • Next 7 days
  • Next 30 days
  • Next week
  • Next month


@Ander great idea - I’ll pass it on to the team!

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Dear @Ander,

Of course you are right that it would be easy if there are some pre-set options.
Obviously it’s possible to select as following future dates: :bulb:

Thanks for your active input in this community, I am learning everyday :pray:

Kind regards,

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You’re right, thanks! I modified the language in that post to be more precise. :sunglasses: