Next Week in Date Range

Hello, I noticed there isn’t “Next Week” or “Next Month” option in Date Range.
I understand it has been requested for some time and wondering if there is a formula I can apply.


Hi @user4 :blush: !

What do you mean by a “Date Range” ? :innocent:

… as those options exist in a Date Range Picker :blush:

@user4 are you referring to the filter section like in the screenshot below?

If you want to try next week or next month try these:

For Next Week:


What that is doing is giving you a list of the 7 dates that are in the next week, then checking to see if your columns date is in that list.

If you wanted to do NextMonth you could do this:
Write this formula into your canvas, title it NextMonth, and then refer to it in your filter language.


Note, this is then how you would write the formula for a filter


I like this option better as its easy to refer to NextMonth anywhere in any table throughout your document.

You could also do that for NextWeek, LastWeek, LastMonth, LastYear, etc. For some docs I keep a whole page with named canvas formulas like this to easily refer to throughout my documents. I also have a way to make them all start on Monday if you are using ISO dates! Reach out if you need any more help!

By the way: Heres the formula I use for ThisWeek in the canvas to start it on Monday and use as a reference in documents:

WithName(datestartof(Today(),"week"),WeekStart ,Sequence(WeekStart+1,WeekStart+7 ) ).FormulaMap(CurrentValue.ToDate())```

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