HELP! - Date / Filter question

Hi All

I need some help getting a formula to work. I have tried many variations but cant get the correct data.

I have a table with multiple columns / data. I then have a series of charts that read from this table.

One of the table headings is Incident Notification Date.

I am trying to create a table or graph that return a view of the data for a date range. That being data from the current date and back 7 days. With each day that we log in seeing the 7 days previous from that date.
eg if i log in on the 10th i see data from 10th - 3rd…If i log in on the 20th i see data from 20th - 13th

Any help would be hugely appreciated.


Hello. I think I managed to create what you are looking for using a View of the master table.

Here is my sample master incident table:


Note that my Date column is date formatted:


I then created a view of Incident Master and called it Recent Incidents:


I am skipping over how to make a table view since you alluded to having experience with them.

I then formatted this view table using a formula on the filter:

This should dynamically and automatically update as new data is added to the master, and as dates change. You may have to tweak it slightly if Coda does not match your timezone though.