Date filtering is extremely buggy

Depending on how i filter the date whether its on the table itself or on a linked table, the data varies differently. Whats going on?

Can you share the filter configuration that ties the date filtering to that canvas control? I wonder if something isn’t quite right there

Not possible to see from just a screen shot, but the DD/MM/YYYY has me suspicious. I am not aware of Coda having a layout like that. Is the column type “Date”?

In the first photo, its a linked view to the same table. There is only one filter in place which is filtering the date in the range listed. The 2nd photo uses an interactive filter on the original table where i set a fixed date range.

Under Date Format, there is a 31/01/2022 version. I suspect this may be messing up the filtering through dates.

Thanks for reaching out to let us know about this issue. Our team has identified this as a known bug and we’ve added your report to our team’s bug tracking system.

We will be sure to post updates here as we have them! Apologies for any disruption that this may be causing in the meantime.

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