Bug with filtering using date operators

I seem to experience a lot of bugs when filtering or sorting by dates, and this is the latest one. I’m doing a simple people counter where the event will automatically be connected to the timestamp of the entry by checking against the Start Date and End Date of the event. As seen in the screenshots below, i used the >= and <= operators. But it seems that the filtering only works if the date is in between the Start Date and End Date. As you can see from the Entries on 1st October, they can’t filter correctly. Is my formula or operator wrong? Or is this just another bug?

When comparing "date " to “date and time”, Coda interprets the "date"s time as 00:00 to make it comparable. Try creating a time stamp with “01/10/2022, 00:00”, it should assign the event correctly to “Teaser 1/2” and “Teaser 2/2”.

You can fix this by adding Date & Time Stamp .ToDate()


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