My application started to bug since yersterday


I am designing a tool for the management of my company (management planning studies, time management, invoice management and leave management).

All this went very well until yesterday when the whole application started to bug. The tables’ filters no longer apply, the controls respond in a very strange way, and so on.

Is this happening on the client or server side? Do you have the same bugs on your side?

Thank you in advance.

my application :

To try to understand what’s going on, I simplify the application. It seems that some tables are filtered while the filter does not include any formula.

I do not understand.

For exemple, this table is filtered with no formula in the filter option !

Hey @Charles_Coiffier, can you share your doc with In the first gif you shared, you have a control that is a multi-select. In the “heures” table, instead of using Matches() use the Contains() formula which accounts for multi-select controls. More on the Contains() formula here:

Thanks @Al_Chen_Coda. I will change all my Matches() for Contains().
I restart the developpement from the beginning and it’s working, I don’t know exactly why.

Thanks a lot for this powerful tool. By the way, do you have any idea of ​​the future pricing strategy?

Great! In terms of pricing, here is our current guidance.

  • There will always be a free version - we think this is critical for the breadth of adoption we would like; and

  • We will give a lot of notice before introducing a paid tier. We expect to have a particularly long grace period for beta users, since people like you are providing such a valuable service in helping us build the right product.