Control (select) not working

I’ve got two table views on a page (different tables), both filtered with a control select thing using a formula. One of the tables is filtering properly (the bottom one), the other isn’t (top one).

Can’t figure out what the issue is. :frowning:

Would love some help if any of you out there are bored… Here’s a link to the page:

Hi Kelly, I just requested access to your doc :slight_smile:

Given! Let me know if you have problems getting in…

I can get in, it just looks like I need access to copy it so I can check your formulas!

Kelly, sorry for the delay! The first table isn’t filtering properly because Title Formula is a text value of a column, while FindProposal 2 is a row. You can see that in the icons that trail each formula element. To force it to look up a row, change

Title Formula.matches(findProposal 2) to
thisRow.matches(findProposal 2)

However, it’s worth noting that this only works if you have a single row that matches the Proposal. Otherwise, you will have to use a different formula.

The second works, by the way, because you’re comparing multiple rows to a single row :slight_smile: