Table Filter Not Working

I created a selector filter for the table ‘Auto-CodeBook’ labeled ‘Review Status’ and named ‘Auto-Juris View Review Status Selector’

The selector filter value must be equal to the column ‘Reviewed Entry’ value of the table.

thisRow.[Reviewed Entry]==[Auto-Juris View Review Status Selector]

The formula above is what I used for filtering rows., but it doesnt work.


It seems like ‘thisRow.[Reviewed Entry]’ is returning a single value and ‘[Auto-Juris View Review Status Selector]’ is returning a list of options that is why it does filter correctly. How to fix it ?
I have to get the current value of the select dopdown.

I didn’t know you could use two equal signs in coda, I always use one. Maybe try that?

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I tried that as well, but it did not work. The problem is Auto-Juris View Review Status Selector returns a list of options, not the current value of the dropdown.

Hi @Alyssa_Gono :blush: !

Have you tried to use Matches() ? :blush:

Something like :

thisRow.[Reviewed Entry].Matches([Auto-Juris View Review Status Selector])

Matches() exists specifically to easily compare a value from a canvas control to something else :blush:

I’m not sure how the text values in your canvas select control will be interpreted by Coda though as you’re comparing a boolean (thisRow.[Reviewed Entry]) to a text value ( [Auto-Juris View Review Status Selector]) apparently …

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