Lookup Filter Not Working?

Can anyone see what I’m doing wrong here? I’m trying to filter a lookup column for “undone” tasks and the filter seems to be having no effect . . .


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@Benn_Bennett you’re not alone in experiencing these issues. I submitted a support request because I’m also having issues using that feature.

I’ve created this video that shows that in my use-case:

  • Coda’s automatically generated filters (in the drop-down) do work
  • Coda’s “custom filter” filters (the way you’re using it) does not work
  • Formula filters do not work, and the context being set for CurrentValue and ThisRow is the same.My guess is that’s at (or near) the root of the underlying issue causing this to break.

Looks very related to the thing I experienced on a live stream where I was building an email matching system. You can see my workaround here:

@Christian_Rodriguez3 Particularly the CurrentValue part seems like a formula editor bug only — _Deref() still works on it, which means CurrentValue properly resolves to a row from the lookup (i.e. a room), not to thisRow.

Thanks for sharing Paul! I agree - Deref is great for when the formula editor doesn’t want to cooperate. Do you think that’s what’s going on here for OP and me?

My filter used to work correctly then as a of a couple of days ago it stopped and even simple examples are failing. I think there’s an underlying bug beyond the formula editor with how custom formulas are being evaluated and applied in this context.

Thanks Paul! Unfortunately, I have to admit this level of formula editing is way over my head (I did watch the video, but had a hard time following as I’m not much of a coder). I’m afraid I’ll have to wait on Coda to fix the bug. I’m glad though that it’s not just me having this issue so hopefully the bug gets worked on sooner than later!