FILTER my table using the LOOKUP control?

I created a LOOKUP control to allow the user to select the row to be shown in the view below it.

Then I tried to add a FILTER to that view that used the LOOKUP control – and – I cant select it!
It only allows me to select TEXTBOX controls for use in filters !!

Perhaps I am missing something here… it seems to me to be the most straight-forward way to define which row of a table to work on !

thanks for any help with this

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Hey there!

Try to just write the formula instead of selecting a control. Those usually work out something like this:
name.matches(control) or control.isBlank()


ah! hadnt noticed the little (f) symbol in the corner that allows me to enter a formula
i thought the drop-down list were my only options!

so i am using Name=lookup1.Name and it works perfectly
now i can use this approach where the lookup control selects from a parent table (yay)

many thanks @Scott_Collier-Weir


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